Mitchell's Soup Co

It all started with their matriarch, Donna.
In preparation for the impending Y2K apocalypse, Donna stocked up on dried goods for the Lockhart family. But when the clock struck midnight and the world kept turning, she had to do something with her emergency supplies.

So, she started filling them in cellophane bags to sell as ready-to-cook soups at her local farmer’s market soap stand—yes, soap not soup!—in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.


Fast forward to 2008: Donna’s son Jamie inherited her humble soap-turned-soup stand. But what started as a family project to teach Jamie’s four kids life skills turned into a passion project: Jamie loved crafting products that nourished the body and soul, and so Mitchell’s Soup Co. was officially born. Today, hearty, dried meals are more than our business—they’re our heart.

Their Products

Inspired by the craftsmanship of days gone by (and our own mothers’ home-cooked meals), we bring you Mitchell’s: Hearty, dried meals with a fraction of the prep time of your grandma’s beloved lasagna (and at a fraction of the price of takeout). All the nourishment, none of the headache.

Just satisfied taste buds and bellies.